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For more information about dates and locations of workshop, please enquire by sending us an email or fill out our contact form. Make sure you including information about your child/children, your suburb and preferred time.

Stop Motion Animation Workshops

Bronze Workshop – 3  hours stop motion animation workshops during the school holidays

Silver Workshop – 2 x 4hour days – weekend stop motion animation workshop

Gold Workshop – 2 hour weekly term after school workshops

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Orientation:   What is animation?

Demonstration:   Minute movements in order to create a smooth transition

Technique:    Static camera, tripod, table- securing camera, tripod & scene

Camera Angles:   Foreground and background

Story:   Without a story it is just ‘inanimate objects moving’

Clay Creativity: Engaging the imagination and tactile creations using plasticine

Lighting: Create mood & clearly capture ‘subject’ ( natural vs. artificial light )

Cost for 2016 workshops

Bronze $99 per student per day

Silver $200 per student per workshop

Gold  $550 per student per 10-week term



Acting for Green Screen

Diamond Workshop – 2 hour experience of acting for green screen

Platinum Workshop – 3 hour workshop to learn green screen editing technique

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Cost for 2016 workshops

Diamond $50 per attendee (minimum 10 attendees)

Platinum $99 per student per workshop


Photoshop & After Effect Basics


Workshop information coming soon…
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Camera & Lighting Basics

Workshop information coming soon…

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3 thoughts on “WORKSHOPS”

  1. Sonia Romeyn –

    2 of my children ( and I ) were lucky enough to experience a term of Nats Stop Motion Workshops. I highly recommend the workshops. Nat is wonderfully patient, yet manages to keep the group very interested, therefore ‘on task’. My children would jump at the chance to join in more workshops!

  2. Tina Pech – Talented Miss Nat has a way with young people that brings out their confidence and creative best. My son and daughter have enjoyed making wonders with her.

  3. Colette Baron – I can highly recommend these fantastic workshops with Miss Nat. She has facilitated several programs for us at Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre and the kids just absolutely love it. She has a great way with children and quickly builds a lovely rapport with them. Our last holiday program had a waiting list, while some of our others we could not get numbers for. The workshops give the kids a fantastic set of creative skills that they can continue to work with long after the workshop. Thanks Miss Nat for being you xx

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