Cute Animations


We focus on a diverse range of stop motion techniques to suit each and every student.

This movie demonstrate the use of a child’s familiar figurines to create an animation

Kimmi Dolls, Snow Fight, Atlantic Pool Party, Monkey Island, Conga Line, Jungle, pet Shop Party, PowerPuff, Sphinx Palace, Disco Bears, Lady & 3 headed monster and Playdough Family. Cute animations from Woy Woy Public School. Camera and editing by Nat Ferfoglia & Sound Effects by Max Ferfoglia


Animations Hand Drawn

Hand Drawing

Using student’s artistic capability to create animations.

Hand drawn stop motion animations from Woy Woy Public School; Rainbow, Flutterby, TW Show, Party Town, Pet Shop, Tower, Rain Rain, Volcano, Tutankahmun. Editing by Nat Ferfoglia, Sound Effects by Max Ferfoglia 2010. Music from think Communications from their ‘Environment’ collection 1995. Track is titled ‘Believe’….awesome soundtrack!