Workshop Structure

An introduction to the art of Stop Motion Animation – Workshop with Miss Nat
Orientation- History of Animation
  • handle 18th Century animation wheels
  • handle super 8 film and are shown how a film projector operates
  • handle retro view finders and discuss how the story is developed
Characters and props
  • Students are encouraged to model their own characters from plasticine
  • Students are instructed on how to build a miniature film set
  • Students then construct their unique background and foreground
Story & Script
  • Students are introduced to film genre
  • Ideas are discussed in groups
Animation Style-
  • Lego
  • Plasticine
  • Figurine
  • Drawing
  • Paper
Roles- Students are encouraged to develop roles
  • Director
  • Camera
  • Model mover
  • Editor
Introduction to Editing, Sound & Special Effects
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • IMovie

Students are encouraged to work in groups of two or three depending on age, ability and creativity. Encouragement and assistance are given to develop their personal best in 4 hours.

Mini screening of completed works by whole group and discussion.

All finished animations will be uploaded onto Cloud ready to be downloaded and enjoyed by the whole family, or be saved on a student’s personal USB.


Animation Workshop

Available for K-6 casual and term block teachingSpecializing in the dramatic and creative arts including multimedia

Ideas for students – Clay models – Lego – Plastic figurines – Hand drawn animations

Time frame varies from one day workshop to three day workshops when facilitating my own private workshops – Orientation: What is animation? – Demonstration: Minute movements in order to create a smooth transition – Technique: Static camera, tripod, table- securing camera, tripod & scene – Camera Angles: Foreground and background. – Clay Creativity: Engaging the imagination and tactile creations using plasticine. – Lighting: Create mood & clearly capture ‘subject’ ( natural vs. artificial light ) – Story: Without a story it is just ‘inanimate objects moving’ Depending on the age range of students I either edit the photographs onsite using Pinnacle Studio in order for students to understand the process of creating a video from static photography OR if the students are capable, then I facilitate and guide the editing process.