Indiana Joes

Miss Nat Workshops focus on working with mime and improvisation combining slap stick comedy
and state of the art technology. Acting for Green Screen allows us to create magic just like on the big screen……unlimited sets and scenarios.
This time we wanted to create a classic high adventure theme, hence the title – Indiana Joes…with a dash of Spaghetti Western thrown into the mix.
Starring- Isobel, Jenny, Clementine, Max, Armand, Charlie, James & Alex…an awesome cast indeed.

Indiana Joes by Nat Ferfoglia 2015 from Nathalie Ferfoglia on Vimeo.



The Kidnap Express

The Kidnap Express- Lil Princess, the Mob Boss has her ‘baby’ kidnapped and employs the forces for good and evil to get her ‘baby’ back……..but try as she may to influence her power, her ‘baby’ is found by Rocket as she walks in the forest. Great performances from Miss Nat’s Drama Class of 2014!

The Kidnap Express from Nathalie Ferfoglia on Vimeo.