Animation Workshop

Available for K-6 casual and term block teachingSpecializing in the dramatic and creative arts including multimedia

Ideas for students – Clay models – Lego – Plastic figurines – Hand drawn animations

Time frame varies from one day workshop to three day workshops when facilitating my own private workshops – Orientation: What is animation? – Demonstration: Minute movements in order to create a smooth transition – Technique: Static camera, tripod, table- securing camera, tripod & scene – Camera Angles: Foreground and background. – Clay Creativity: Engaging the imagination and tactile creations using plasticine. – Lighting: Create mood & clearly capture ‘subject’ ( natural vs. artificial light ) – Story: Without a story it is just ‘inanimate objects moving’ Depending on the age range of students I either edit the photographs onsite using Pinnacle Studio in order for students to understand the process of creating a video from static photography OR if the students are capable, then I facilitate and guide the editing process.